Hypnotherapy can help with such a wide range of life issues. Take a look at some of the key areas I specialise in below, or contact me to find out how I can help you with your specific concerns.

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Soothing Stress

Hypnotherapy can naturally reduce your stress levels as your body becomes physically relaxed and your mind takes a break from worry.

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Calming Anxiety

Hypnosis can help your unconscious mind to calm down and find new ways of viewing situations that cause you anxiety and panic.

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Boosting Confidence

Through hypnotherapy you can find real confidence in yourself, boost your self-esteem & change critical thoughts into positive ones.

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Assisting Fertility

Hypnotherapy sessions can help if you are trying to increase your chances of conceiving naturally or for support alongside medical treatments such as drug therapy or IVF.

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Empowering Childbirth

Hypnotherapy can empower you to manage your own experience and teach you techniques to help prepare your mind and body for giving birth.

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Supporting New Parents

Through our sessions I can support you as you make that transition to being a mum or dad, helping you to enjoy the experience with your partner, any older children and your new baby.

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Encouraging A Healthy Weight

Hypnotherapy offers an alternative solution to dieting, helping you to lose weight at a steady, healthy rate by changing your thoughts and behaviour around eating.

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