Empowering Childbirth

Birth has the potential to be the most amazing, wonderful experience you may ever have in your life but it’s completely natural to feel a certain amount of apprehension.

Empowering Childbirth With Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy can empower you to manage your own individual experience rather than fear it. It can teach you self-hypnosis techniques to help prepare your mind and body for giving birth and boost your trust in your body so that you can enter labour feeling calm, confident and in control, whatever type of birth you are planning.

Over a course of five sessions you’ll learn relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques that will help you from the very first stages of labour all the way through to bonding with your baby and adjusting to parenthood.

You’ll also be supported by a comprehensive information pack as well as CDs/MP3s so that you can practice and prepare at home.

You can have individual sessions or take part in a course with a small group of others. The sessions are ideal for you if you are 24+ weeks pregnant.

I also offer individual sessions to help you overcome sickness and vomiting, prepare for an elective caesarean and to turn babies who are in a breech position.

I am an Easibirthing Certified Hypnotic Birthing Practitioner easibirthing.com

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