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How Well Connected Are You?

Most of us are aware of things that can boost our well-being – eating healthily, getting enough sleep, taking exercise and time out to unwind and relax. But did you know that having enough social connection with others is also vital for both our mental and physical health? In this post I’m taking a look … Read more

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Taking A Gentle Approach To The New Year

Hello, How are you feeling as we begin a brand new year? January is the time when there’s lots of talk about setting resolutions and making a new start, and an expectation of forging ahead with plans. Maybe you’re raring to go with clear goals and an action plan or maybe you might be feeling … Read more

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Life Lessons From Bears

I’m feeling quite philosophical about Autumn this year – and it all started with fat bears! I’ve been reading about Fat Bear Week in the United States which celebrates the resilience, adaptability and strength of brown bears as they prepare themselves for their winter hibernation. It got me thinking about how instead of mourning the … Read more

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When was the last time you said ‘Oh Wow’?

I’ve just come home from a holiday in Scotland – two weeks immersed in the beautiful and wild landscape of mountains and lochs. It seemed that every day we’d turn a corner and say ‘oh wow’ – the scenery just took my breath away. I really began to notice how those feelings began to re-charge … Read more

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Hello. When was the last time you had fun? Hopefully very recently! If not, then this post may help you to discover the benefits of building more fun into your life. Enjoying regular fun is essential for our well- being but it’s all too easy to let the challenges of daily life take over. Having … Read more

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Challenging Unhelpful Thinking Habits

Are you a mind reader? Can you predict the future? Do you just know that the worst is going to happen? If so, then the chances are that you are under the influence of some unhelpful thinking habits. The trouble with unhelpful thinking habits is that they’re easy to fall into but, because what you … Read more

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Menopause?

Hello.  I’m glad that menopause is being talked about so much at the moment. At last there’s some great advice out there about menopause, what to expect, and how to tackle menopause symptoms. In this post, I’m looking at how hypnotherapy can help alleviate symptoms as well as support you into the next exciting chapter … Read more

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Weight Loss?

Hypnotherapy offers an alternative solution to dieting. It can help you to lose weight at a steady, healthy rate by making positive changes to your eating and exercise habits. By changing your thoughts and behaviour around eating you can adopt a new, healthy lifestyle – one that keeps you slimmer and fitter long term. I’m … Read more

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Twelve Days of Christmas Calm

Hello. In this post I’m going to share some simple ideas that can help you to feel your best this Christmas and enjoy the season in whatever way is right for you. For lots of people this can be a very hectic and sometimes stressful time of the year as we juggle shopping and Christmas … Read more

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It’s got to be perfect…?

Hello. In this blog post I’m taking a look at an issue that more and more people are struggling with in our hectic, competitive society – perfectionism. Although on the surface perfection may seem like a good thing to strive for, the impossible quest of achieving it can actually cause quite a lot of harm … Read more