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We all need a certain amount of stress in our lives - it can give us strength and motivation to get things done. But in today’s hectic world stress can often build up and become overwhelming, causing feelings of unbearable tension and overload.


Living with continual stress can take its toll on your body and your mind causing physical and emotional problems.


Hypnotherapy can be a wonderful antidote to stress. Hypnosis itself can naturally reduce your stress levels as your body becomes physically relaxed and your mind takes a break from worry. This feeling of calmness can stay with you in your everyday life.


Hypnotherapy can teach you how to build relaxation into your busy day. It can help you to identify new ways of responding to the stress in your life, improving your health and your wellbeing.


"Elaine is a wonderfully warm and approachable hypnotherapist who inspires confidence and trust. Without flashy gimmicks or techniques she puts you at your ease. I found that her skilful interventions were tailored to me, personally – they were well thought-out and felt very natural. Sometimes it was only hours after leaving a session with Elaine that I realised how positive and optimistic I was feeling compared to when I went in!

If you are stressed, anxious or beginning to feel that you’re not coping with things, I cannot recommend Elaine too highly".

AH, Newcastle Emlyn