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There are times when we’d all like to feel a little more confident, for a specific event or just in our daily lives.


You may be dreading giving that speech at a wedding or a presentation in work or feel really nervous ahead of exams or your driving test. You may be preparing for a performance or sporting event that means everything to you but your worried that nerves will prevent you from giving it your all. Or maybe you want the confidence to travel, try new things or deal with that awkward conversation you’ve been putting off for so long. Whatever the situation, hypnotherapy can help.


Through hypnotherapy you can find real confidence in yourself, boost your self-esteem,  change your critical thoughts into positive ones, access your untapped creativity and enhance your potential for success.


Confidence can be yours.


"Elaine helped me to find my inner confidence and target my insecurities in an easy and relaxing environment. She taught me a simple action to perfom at times when I needed extra confidence. By doing this I felt a wave of confidence washing over me allowing me to perfom to my best ability. I would highly  


MFC, Carmarthen

recommend Aurora Hypnotherapy.