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Anxiety is a familiar feeling that we all experience from time to time. We may feel fear, restlessness and worry and experience physical sensations such as palpitations, chest pain, upset stomach and shortness of breath. Our symptoms may escalate causing us to experience panic attacks or phobias. These feelings have a very debilitating effect on us and our lives.


Whether there are specific situations that make you feel anxious, or you feel a general sense of anxiety, it is important to realise that these feelings arise from your thoughts. It is the thought of potential danger, not the actual danger that produces the symptoms of anxiety.


Hypnotherapy is therefore an excellent way of to help relieve your anxieties. It can help your unconscious mind to calm down and find new ways of coping with situations that cause you anxiety and panic, helping you to manage your daily life.


"Although very interested in hypnotherapy I was sceptical about whether it would work for me. I needn't have worried. Elaine tailored a script that was perfect for me and I relaxed in no time to allow her to work her magic which she did. After only a few sessions I felt much less anxious and had more confidence to move forward and push for what I wanted in work situations. She also gave me a great technique to instantly relax me when I felt under pressure - and it really works. I would wholeheartedly recommend Elaine - she's both knowledgeable and supportive. Give it a try!"

ER, Merthyr Tydfil